Surprise for Russia: when Ukraine can get aviation


Surprise for Russia: when Ukraine can get aviation

Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov said that Ukraine expects to receive 2-3 types of Western fighters. However, it is difficult to predict when this will happen.

It is worth recalling the October and December talks that no one will give tanks, they say, this is a “red” line, we will be given maximum shells to HIMARS. Political strategist Boris Tizenhausen told Channel 24 about this.

“And here we are already talking about tanks. There are no longer 10-20 units, but hundreds. Yes, it is extended in time. But all this will happen,” the political strategist is convinced.

Russians will be surprised

The political scientist noted that our Western partners have a certain strategy for the transfer of weapons. “When you donate a different range of weapons in portions, you can completely control the war. You can understand where, how and when the offensive will take place, what will be needed, how much Russian equipment will be destroyed,” he explained.

Tizenhausen believes that we will have aviation, but it will be provided during the peak phase of the Ukrainian ground offensive, when we go with heavy equipment. By the way, says the political strategist, the direction of the counteroffensive is also not very well known, and rightly so.

Finally, we consciously came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to say when, where and how much will arrive. It is not necessary to say how long our pilots have been studying and whether they study at all. I think it will be a very unpleasant surprise for Russia. But with aviation it will be delayed for longer than with tanks, – says the political strategist.

He believes that it would be logical not to announce the transfer of aviation and start teaching pilots, but ready-made crews. This will not allow Russia to calculate when Ukrainian pilots will learn and when they should expect aviation.

Our military-political leadership and Western partners are doing everything right. In addition, an important point is prepared airfields and repair bases. Ideally, a political decision should be made that the aircraft could be based and repaired at one of our neighbors. It would be correct and logical, says Tizenhausen.

Yes, this is a rather “red” line for the Russians. But such an option is quite possible.

What planes are needed in Ukraine

  • Ukraine is in dire need of aviation for the de-occupation of territories. However, according to the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kirill Budanov, fighters are not the priority.
  • According to him, we need attack aircraft. We are talking about A-10, Thunderbolt II aircraft. “This is also army aviation, but these are attack helicopters of the AN-64 type and so on. These are air platforms designed to strike on the ground,” Budanov said.
  • The head of the GUR stressed that this is his subjective vision. That is, the president and his entourage insist on the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, because they see a different concept.

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