Sweden to donate Leopard tanks, Norway to NASAMS air defense, Pentagon on Rammstein 10 results


Sweden to donate Leopard tanks, Norway to NASAMS air defense, Pentagon on Rammstein 10 results

The Pentagon commented on the results of the Rammstein 10 meeting. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the meeting was very successful.

The head of the Pentagon also said at a briefing that allies from 51 countries confirmed their desire to continue to support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. Austin also added that Slovenia has pledged to “meet several priority needs of Ukraine, including armored vehicles,” Channel 24 reports.

What is known about the provision of new assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Sweden will provide Ukraine with 10 tanks, Norway, together with the United States, will transfer new NASAMS (air defense systems – Channel 24), the Netherlands will also initiate new contracts so that new weapons come to Ukraine, Lloyd Austin said.

He also added that Norway will transfer two NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine.

Commenting on the results of “Rammstein 10”, the US Secretary of Defense said that allies and partners representing countries from all over the world “confirmed their joint unity and determination in supporting Ukraine's struggle for freedom.” The head of the Pentagon also explained that:

  • highly appreciates the “clear messages” from the Minister of Defense of Ukraine regarding the next steps to counter Russian aggression. This underscores the “urgency” of international support for Ukraine;
  • I clearly heard that fellow members of the Contact Group are also aware of the need to quickly and fully fulfill their obligations – to deliver armored vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to conduct training for Ukrainian fighters, to provide the Ukrainian army with spare parts and maintenance of the transferred systems.

We will continue to seek opportunities for new contributions, and today (March 15 – Channel 24) we heard news of our progress and some important new commitments, said Lloyd Austin.

He also assured that the countries' assistance announced at the Ramstein 10 meeting would be crucial for Ukraine's struggle for sovereignty. However, he added that in order for Ukraine to protect its territory and citizens in the long term, these efforts must be continued.

Note! Lloyd Austin also said that Russia is relying on Iran and North Korea: “Russia is running out of opportunities and running out of friends.”

The Pentagon supported Zelensky's decision on Bakhmut

The head of the US Department of Defense, Lloyd Austin, also said that they support the decision of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to defend Bakhmut.

The Ukrainians did something extraordinary in the Bakhmut area. The Russians have been wanting to capture this city for 7 months now, but have not had any success there thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” Austin said.

Moreover, the head of the Pentagon said that Vladimir Zelensky is specifically involved in making decisions about what is important and what is not important for defense.

“If Zelensky says that we need to regroup, this does not mean that the war is lost. It is up to them to decide where to stay and how long to defend.” It's for them to decide, not for us ,” the US Secretary of Defense said.

Lloyd Austin also assured that they would support any decision by Zelensky: “We hope to give the Ukrainians the opportunity to change the dynamics on the battlefield.”

Brief summary of “Rammstein 10”

  • The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, said that the coalition of countries that promised to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks continues to grow – already 9 countries have pledged to provide more than 150 Leopard tanks.
  • The Minister of Defense of Ukraine said that he was satisfied with the result of “Rammstein”. Aleksey Reznikov said that the meeting on March 15 inspires optimism.
  • The Ukrainian minister explained that they are talking about strengthening air defense, the supply of ammunition, training and the formation of an “armored fist.” Read more about the results of “Rammstein 10” here.

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