Sweden will increase its defense budget record-breaking due to the “Russian threat”

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Sweden will increase its defense budget record-breaking due to the

The Swedish government will record an increase in defense spending due to an external threat. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of the country Peter Hultqvist, reports TASS.

According to him, the parties of the government coalition (Social Democratic and Environmental Protection) agreed with the Center Party and the Liberals to increase the defense budget by 27.5 billion Swedish kronor ($ 3.11 billion), or 40 percent. This is the largest percentage increase in defense funding since the 1950s.

Hultqvist noted that the reason for the record investments was the revision of the likelihood of an attack on the kingdom. So, if in 2015 such a possibility was assessed as unlikely, now it is not ruled out. One of the threats in Sweden is considered the actions of Russia, which can “use military means.”

Sweden's military budget is currently 60 billion kronor ($ 6.4 billion). The budget of the Russian Ministry of Defense for the current year is almost 1.9 trillion rubles, which is currently equivalent to 24.2 billion dollars.

Earlier, the Russian embassy in Washington accused the United States of inflating the “Russian threat”. According to diplomats, the head of the US Air Force Global Strike Command, General Timothy Ray, de facto puts the alleged threat posed by Russia and China on a par with terrorism.

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