Swedish scientists have recorded a new record for the speed of flight of birds

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Swedish scientists from Lund University, using geolocation, recorded a new record for the speed of movement of swifts around the planet. They published their research in the scientific journal iScience .

Biologists chose this species of birds for a reason – swifts are one of the fastest moving birds in nature. Previously, scientists believed that swifts can travel up to 500 kilometers per day, but this figure turned out to be too underestimated.

Scientists tracked the movement of swifts and found that, on average, birds move 570 kilometers per day, and the swift became the record holder, flying about 830 kilometers per day for nine days in a row.

It is noted that the average flight speed of swifts is 10 meters per second, which is not a record among birds at a short distance. However, these birds are in flight for about 10 months a year, do not stock up on food, which reduces their body weight, and also use a tailwind in their travels, which increases their speed by up to 20%.

Researchers are not yet clear on how birds determine that they will be helped by a tailwind during migration. Scientists suggest that birds are able to navigate by atmospheric pressure.

Earlier it became known that a tropical owl was seen on the island of Borneo for the first time in more than 120 years.

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