Swiss patient dies after receiving Pfizer vaccine

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Swiss patient dies after receiving Pfizer vaccine

In Switzerland, a patient died after being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. This was reported on the website of the Swiss drug market supervisory authority (Swissmedic).

The 91-year-old man died a few days after being vaccinated, the agency said. The authorities noted that the patient had serious illnesses, which most likely caused natural death. It is noted that the presence of a link between vaccination and death is extremely unlikely.

Mass vaccination against coronavirus began in Switzerland on December 23. The only vaccine approved for use in the country is Pfizer.

Earlier it was reported that a nurse in the United States contracted the coronavirus despite being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. Matthew W., 45, who works as an emergency room nurse in the emergency departments of two California hospitals, was vaccinated against the coronavirus on December 18. However, on December 24, he began to experience chills, aches and weakness. Two days after the onset of symptoms, Matthew decided to get tested for coronavirus – his test was positive.

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