Tactics of a terrorist country – Danilov about frequent air raids


Tactics of a terrorist country - Danilov about frequent air raids

For the second day, a large-scale air alert was announced throughout Ukraine. And it repeated itself several times. This is a kind of “tactic” of a terrorist country, which once again wants to intimidate Ukrainians.

This was announced on Channel 24 by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov. He stressed that today Russia does not neglect anything in the war against Ukraine.

The cause of air alerts today was the activity of the MiG-31K – carriers of hypersonic missiles “Dagger”.

“When certain planes take off, our military understands in a very short time: these are real, or this is a test of our air defense. If we are sure of safety, then the air raid warning is removed from the air,” the official explained.

Alexey Danilov about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the details of “Rammstein”: watch the video

In turn, he once again emphasized the need to be in shelters in case of a possible danger.

We will withstand everything that they (the Russians – Channel 24) have come up with for themselves today. We are a country of strong people and a country that will definitely be the winner, – Alexey Danilov summed up.

Air raid alerts in Ukraine: what is known

  • On March 15, an air raid alert sounded three times throughout Ukraine. They started from both the north and the east.
  • On March 14, the air raid map turned red 4 times. The reason was also the aircraft carriers of the “Daggers”, which are very difficult to calculate.
  • Military expert Roman Svitan commented on these events as an attempt by the Russians to figure out Ukrainian air defense.

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