“Taira” spoke about the doctors who were in the Elenovka colony before the shelling


“Taira” about the doctors in Russian captivity/Collage of Channel 24

Russian invaders keep Ukrainian doctors in a colony in the temporarily occupied Yelenovka, Donetsk region. This is a brazen violation of martial law.


Ukrainian volunteer and paramedic Yuliya Paevskaya (Taira) Ukrainian volunteer and paramedic with the call sign “Taira” told Channel 24 about this. On July 29, the invaders attacked colony No. 120 in the occupied village of Olenevka.

Dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed, and more than a hundred were injured as a result of the terrorist attack. According to Taira, according to available information, medics were not injured in the explosion . However, you can expect anything from the enemy.

Whom the invaders keep in Olenovka

According to the paramedics, doctors from 555 military hospital from Mariupol are now in Yelenovka.

Now there are junior medical staff and doctors. Also in Olenovka there is a part of the medical personnel of the Marines, – said Paevskaya.

She stressed that infidels should not keep medical personnel in captivity at all.

“Russians mock the laws”

“Medics should not be subject to exchange. They should simply be released, because they are not combatants,” the volunteer emphasized.

However, the Russians cynically violate international laws of warfare.

Unfortunately, the enemy does not hear us and boldly mocks all laws. I think this is a way to put pressure on Ukrainian society and the whole world. They (the occupiers – Channel 24) defiantly show that they wanted to spit on all the laws and no one ordered them, – said “Taira”.

She added that such actions are a sign of desperation on the part of the Russians.

“They understand that they have already done too many troubles. And it's already pointless to ask people for forgiveness,” the volunteer said.

“Taira” spoke about the capture and the beginning of the war in Mariupol: watch the video

Tragedy in Olenevka: latest news

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  • Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmitry Lubinets stressed that Russia has committed a cynical crime against our military. He added that in the colony in Olenivka, the invaders systematically mocked Ukrainians, that there were violations of all the Geneva Conventions.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk reported that representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross did not have access to prisoners of war in Olenivka , as Russia prohibited such visits.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross offered its support for the evacuation of the wounded after the terrorist attack in Yelenovka, and also provided medical equipment, protective equipment and materials for forensic examination.
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