Take everything: the Kremlin is preparing to take away the assets of banks that have not left the Russian market


Take everything: the Kremlin is preparing to seize the assets of banks that have not left the Russian market

After the imposition of an embargo and price restrictions on Russian oil and its derivatives, the Russian economy began to literally burst at the seams. With hundreds of millions of dollars shortfall from Russia every day, Kremlin figures have to come up with new ways to raise funds for the budget.

According toChannel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, the huge economic failure, recorded by representatives of the government of the aggressor country in January 2023, significantly accelerated the processes for developing measures to nationalize the funds of Russians.Taking into account the fact that Russia is likely to spend all its reserve funds this year, forced withdrawal of money from the population is inevitable.

However, although representatives of the Russian authorities have long been aware of this fact, but Putin, obsessed with his ratings, slowed down the implementation of such an unpopular step.

All budget revenues and total mobilization are necessary for a Russian victory

  • According to the calculations of Russian military-political figures, in order to achieve the planned bloody goals, the Kremlin must conduct a large-scale mobilization and finance its army at the level of about 20 trillion rubles in 2023 alone.
  • It is this amount, according to analysts, that will allow the invaders to carry out at least some effective actions at the strategic, not tactical level. Of course, the bunker Fuhrer will not receive any guarantees of the effectiveness of this invasion with such a distribution of budgetary funds. After all, an increase in military spending, at least to this amount, will only allow Russia to fully finance projects for the reactivation and modernization of armored vehicles, the production of missiles and equipment, as well as uniforms and means of protecting soldiers.
  • At the same time, the question is how to modernize tanks and Armored personnel carriers, as well as the production of “Daggers” and “Caliber” directly depends not only on the allocation of rubles for this, but also on Russia's access to technology, which, as you know, was deprived of it.
  • That is, even if Putin somehow finds an opportunity to fully finance his military needs, his army will no longer be at least more or less modernly armed and provided. However, it is not worth talking about such utopian options, because Russians can only dream of a military budget of 20 trillion, because the total annual revenues of the treasury for the year are planned at the level of 26 trillion. And this is taking into account the cost of Urals oil at $70. So they would have to cope with the 9 trillion included in the state budget.

However, since the issue of continuing the war is a national idea for modern Russia, there is no reason to hope that the Kremlin will refuse to finance aggression against Ukraine in favor of supporting the economy. But Putin's crooks are going to cut all their other expenses and start frankly taking away the money of their population. It is not for nothing that back in 2022, once a quarter, in each budgetary institution, employees were obliged to “voluntarily” give part of their salaries to the needs of the military. And for a reason last year, the Kremlin took away half of Gazprom's revenues in favor of the budget.

However, as the flow of Russian petrodollars is rapidly declining, the Kremlin will no longer be able to line its pockets by selling energy products. And, accordingly, “cut” their largest oil and gas companies, too. Therefore, they will have to reach into the pockets of their citizens, but this time Putin will not be able to do it at all secretly.

The Kremlin is planning an attack on Raiffeisen Bank International and UniCredit Group

Due to the fact that Russia will not be able to fulfill its budget with a planned deficit of 3 trillion rubles, and Putin is going to increase the army one way or another, representatives of the Russian authorities are preparing to legalize the nationalization of everything “extra” from their population in the near future. They will start with “enemy” agents who left Russia after the announcement of mobilization. So, in the Kremlin they want to announce that they are giving all the fugitives two weeks to return to their homeland. Otherwise, the authorities will declare a hunt for all their property, including funds in bank accounts and real estate. Of course, this will concern not only the “liberal” citizens themselves, but also their relatives, who are planned to be evicted from apartments and houses as members of the families of “enemies of the people”.

All the property that Russia will take away from its own population is planned to be sold, and the funds will be sent to replenish the budget. Given the fact that representatives of the middle class have fled Russia, the Kremlin wants to receive an income of 3-5 billion rubles for such a deal. However, this step is by no means the main one in the scheme of providing additional funding to the budget. The bunker grandfather decided to nationalize all the property and money of foreign banks that remained to work in the aggressor country. They say that soon the European regulator will still press Raiffeisen Bank International and UniCredit Group to exit Russia, and since these structures do not allow Putin's friends to buy, their assets must be rudely taken away on the basis of the corresponding decree of the modern Hitler.

Thus , the Russian authorities want not only to gain access to approximately 30 billion dollars (total assessment of the assets of foreign banks), but also to cut off their own citizens' access to the free operation of their funds abroad. After all, only financial institutions that have not left the Russian market have access to SWIFT and allow fugitive Muscovites to live outside Russia and manage their money.

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