Takes about 10 minutes: automatic registration of FLP again in Diya


Takes about 10 minutes: automatic FLP registration again in Dia

Automatic registration of FLP again in Dia/Telegraf

The fastest business registration in the world is again available to Ukrainians. On the portal “Diya” FLP can be registered in just 10 minutes.

As reported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the service was temporarily unavailable. The registries were disabled so that the data of Ukrainians were completely safe.

The Unified State Register is working again

Now the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations is working again.


How to open a sole proprietorship in Die

  • Follow the link and log in.
  • Fill out an online form.
  • Then check it and confirm your data with an electronic signature.
  • After that, the application automatically enters the register, information processing takes 2 seconds.

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