Taliban welcomed Putin's statement on Prophet Muhammad

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The Taliban agreed with Putin's words about the inadmissibility of insults to the Prophet Muhammad

Taliban welcomed Putin's statement on Prophet Muhammad

Vladimir Putin. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Globallookpress.com

The Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia ) agreed with the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the inadmissibility of insults to the Prophet Muhammad. Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Kahar Balkhi wrote about this on Twitter.

According to him, the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” (the self-name of the political system of the Taliban – approx. “Lenta.ru” ) welcomes the statement of the Russian leader that blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad is not an expression of freedom of creativity, but violates the religious feelings of Muslims.

Balkhi added that the Taliban also welcomed Putin's comments that Russia is working on the recognition of the new Afghan government, and also called for an unfreeze in the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a large press conference, said that insults against the Prophet Muhammad are unacceptable, they cannot be viewed as a manifestation of freedom. According to the head of state, such facts violate the freedom of religion of people who practice Islam. The President expressed the opinion that insulting the “holy feelings” of believers causes even more acute and extremist manifestations.

Putin also noted that Moscow is working in concert with members of the international community on the recognition of the power of the militants of the radical Taliban movement. He stressed that in the issue of recognizing the Taliban authorities, one must proceed from the realities. However, first of all, it is necessary to help the Afghan people: this should be done by those countries that have destroyed the economy of the state.

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