Talk about the future. Experts discuss 5G

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Talk about the future. Experts discuss 5G

Today, within the framework of the Mobile 360 forum, the session “5G Ready? The readiness of the economy, infrastructure and society to launch new generation networks ”. It was initiated by Beeline. The discussion was attended by representatives of Veon, GSMA, ANO Dialogue, Samsung, SberAutoTech, as well as ANO Digital Economy.

At the beginning of the session, Beeline presented the first report on the level of radiophobia in Russia, according to which the number of successful acts of vandalism at the operator's facilities over the past three years has increased 16 times, and 22% of Russians are sure that mobile communications can be hazardous to health.

Commenting on the study, Veon Group Director of Digital Operator George Held noted the importance of meeting user expectations from the next generation of communications. “The big problem is that we don't always understand what can be done with 5G technology to completely change the world. Fourth generation technologies allow us to solve a huge number of tasks, so it is more important to ensure that LTE coverage is everywhere, so that people can use LTE in any village. We see use cases using 5G technology for industrial use (telemedicine, control of heavy tools / trucks, M2M, etc.), but as of now, there are no use cases for use of the fifth generation of communication by ordinary users, ”Held said.

In turn, GSMA Vice President Daniel Pataki stressed that the problem of radiophobia is global: “Electricity was also initially feared, but now we use it everywhere. There is data, for example, from the WHO, which says that 5G is not dangerous. However, phobias are spreading extremely quickly, especially on social media. Campaigns should be carried out to inform that it is perfectly safe. Well, it is important to understand that while (operators) do not have an available spectrum (frequencies), there is no point in talking about phobias and the dangers of 5G. “

The project manager of ANO Dialogue Timofey Vee spoke about the fakes about 5G in social networks, which they identified as part of their systematic work to counter the spread of fakes about the coronavirus. The surge in interest in 5G last year was driven precisely by the coronavirus pandemic, which some people have linked to radiation from 5G. The speaker separately noted that telecom operators met halfway and helped ANO “Dialogue” in building a campaign to refute inaccurate information. “Now we see that the 5G topic has almost completely disappeared from the fake agenda. Now fakes about 5G are the lot of anti-Axis and conspiracy theorists, and most of the videos on this topic published on social networks are taken with humor. However, there are also those who are afraid of 5G, we are working with this audience, but in general, I would like to say that Russia has experienced fakes about 5G, Russia is ready for 5G, “Vee said.

Business opinion on the topic of radiophobia was expressed by Andrey Vasilevsky, CEO of SberAutoTech, and Ilya Ilyinov, head of marketing communications at Samsung Mobile in Russia.

“In terms of the development of drones and the Internet of Things, we see great benefits in this technology. 5G is the engine for real-time computing and networking. With the emergence of a large number of self-driving vehicles, it will be extremely important to quickly exchange information from board to board and with infrastructure. Current communication means are not very suitable for this, ”Vasilevsky said.

“Talking about the sales of recent weeks and months, the share of devices with 5G support is 7% in terms of quantity, but about 23% in terms of money. And this share is constantly growing. I think that next year almost all models will be 5G enabled. But so far, the need for users to support 5G is poorly articulated, and until now, among the main criteria for choosing a mobile device, users call the quality of photo and video shooting, the amount of built-in memory, batteries, etc. “, – Ilyinov shared his observations.

Speeches by the speakers of the session were completed by Maxim Chernov, Director for Information Infrastructure, Digital Economy ANO. According to him, right now the Internet of Things market is ready for the introduction of 5G – there are already platforms for conducting tests and user demand for such solutions. “There is also a proposal to complete what has not yet been completed, for example, to complete the introduction of LTE in the country. The term “digital inequality” is very relevant for the regions, “Chernov emphasized.

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