Talks about mobilization make Kremlin nervous, but there is no choice, – Russian oppositionist


Talking about mobilization makes the Kremlin nervous, but there is no choice, – Russian oppositionist< /p>

In Russia, mobilization is taking place without much publicity. The credibility that the head of state Vladimir Putin will announce it during his address to the people is minimal.

Russian opposition journalist Michael told Channel 24 Nucky. According to him, the recruitment of men who are sent to the war with Ukraine will occur gradually.

Putin's position on the loud announcement of mobilization

Michael Naki explained that in Russia they would simply start issuing subpoenas. In addition, the mobilization in the country is still ongoing, despite the fact that Vladimir Putin announced its completion.

The oppositionist noted that after the announcement of the mobilization on September 21, the dictator faced the fact that this was one of his unpopular decisions.

“The perception of him by people in Russia was very skewed,” he noted.

According to him, the reason was that Putin first promised that there would be no mobilization, and then, contrary to his words, announced it.

“He tried in every possible way to get off that it was not him, but the governor, Shoigu, the Ministry of Defense. And in general, he is not here on business,” Maki stressed, noting that Putin was constantly trying to shift topics and focus on something insignificant.< /p>

According to the oppositionist, if the President of Russia nevertheless says so in his speech, it will mean that Russia no longer pays attention to the possible consequences and that these consequences are not regarded as serious.


All official talk about mobilization is very nervous. Because they see the negative reaction of society, he said.

Besides, according to Maki, it is difficult to imagine Putin telling people frankly that he is lying. However, it is probable. In addition, Putin is not very fond of mixing up the occasions of his speeches. He still doesn't like it when people guess his intentions ahead of time.

Michael Nucky spoke about the mood in Russia because of the mobilization: watch the video h2>

Michael Nucky emphasized that the announcement of mobilization also means the need to provide clothing, food, logistics, movement and everything else. Therefore, this is the preparation of infrastructure, which is regarded as one of the signals of preparation for a new wave of mobilization.

“And I think that many people want it not to happen for a number of reasons,” he said.

According to the oppositionist, additional mobilization of a large number of people will greatly complicate the story related to front line. The information space is dominated by the idea of ​​the possibility of increasing tension on both sides.

In this sense, the less Russia has manpower at that moment, the better, he explained.

The oppositionist explained that mobilization in Russia would significantly delay the war.

“Despite the fact that mobilization cannot lead to any significant turning point in the war, it still has an impact on it. More manpower prevents the AFU from advancing,” he stressed.

In his opinion, nevertheless, mobilization is inevitable. From a military point of view, Russia has no other option to somehow increase its own combat power.

“Again, they will try to do it as quietly as possible, they will not succeed”, he emphasized.

The oppositionist explained that the receipt of summonses would gain publicity. Even now, students in universities are being called to military departments to update information.

Mobilization in Russia: latest news

  • Russia continues to mobilize for war against Ukraine. As expected, Russian citizens are not averse to fighting, and therefore Russia coped with the mobilization of 300,000 quite quickly.
  • Ukrainian intelligence said that Russia wants to create a 2-million-strong army Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced large-scale “reforms” in the Russian army during 2023-2026 and said that the number of personnel will grow to 1.5 million people.
  • Experts at the Institute for the Study of War ISW assumed that Putin would announce full mobilization during the speech on January 18, but this did not happen. Putin just repeated his crazy ideas about the war against Ukraine.

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