Terms of launch of 6G cellular networks in Russia announced

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Terms of launch of 6G cellular networks in Russia announced

Dmitry Peskov, special representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of digital and technological development, gave an interview to RIA Novosti, in which he spoke about the future of technology in the country.

The journalist asked Peskov if he agreed that a 6G network prototype would appear in the world within five years. The special representative of the president replied that, in his opinion, there will be no operating 6G networks in the world in five years. “According to the plan, the 6G standard should appear in 10 years,” he said.

Peskov also told how 6G will differ from 5G. According to him, first of all, speed. 6G will enable the creation of augmented reality systems. It will also be possible to deploy drones in the air using this technology. Nevertheless, no one knows yet whether it is possible to deploy a 6G network in the given parameters.

There is one more difference from 5G: fifth generation networks can be partially deployed on the old infrastructure, but 6G cannot.

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