“Terpy, beauty” is time to apply to Putin – Piontkovsky


"Terpy, beauty" ; it's time to apply to Putin, – Piontkovsky

Vladimir Putin/Photo from open sources

Phrase ” be patient, my beauty” it's time to apply to Vladimir Putin. Although the President of the Russian Federation already feels that he can be overthrown.

This opinion was expressed by Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky on Channel 24.

“By the way, oh” be patient, my beauty “- it's already time to apply it to Putin himself. It seems to me that the crowbar of Gaddafi (the overthrown Libyan leader – ed.) is already knocking on his ass, and he feels it,” says Piontkovsky.

How did the aggressive domestic policy in Russia begin, for example, the campaign in Syria? The publicist said that Putin was greatly influenced by the film with the last 15 minutes of Gaddafi's life.

According to Piontkovsky, Putin has repeatedly watched it. So he went to Syria to save Assad's sacred ass so that the same thing wouldn't happen to him. . And he still has it. And now this crowbar is hanging over him, and he needs to apply to himself this “like it, don't like it, be patient, my beauty,” the publicist said.

Andrey Piontkovsky added that Putin had already lost. Because from the very beginning he tried to present this conflict as an ethnic conflict between Russians and Ukrainians in Ukraine. But this is not an ethnic conflict, this is an ideological conflict, and language has nothing to do with it.

Let's add that even before the war, Putin mockingly reacted to the words of Vladimir Zelensky that the Ukrainian president did not like a single point of the Minsk agreements , but they must be fulfilled: “Like it, don't like it – be patient, my beauty. We must fulfill it. Otherwise, nothing,” he said.

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