Terrible hospital fire in Bulgaria: three COVID patients burned to death

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 A terrible fire in a hospital in Bulgaria: three patients with COVID burned to death

The cause of the tragedy is established by experts.

On November 14, in the Bulgarian town of Sliven, three patients died in a hospital fire. The fire in the medical facility occurred at about 03:00 am in the ward where three patients were being treated.

As reported by Radio Liberty, as a result of the fire, two patients died on the spot, and the third later died from severe burns.

The fire was liquidated, and the cause of the fire is being established by experts.

By the way, in Bulgaria, due to a new outbreak of coronavirus, 8,178 people with COVID-19 were hospitalized, the country's medical system is loaded.

It should be noted that the tragedy in the hospital occurred on the day when the new government is elected in Bulgaria.

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