Terror in Kremennaya: invaders shoot people right on the streets – Gaidai


Terror in Kremennaya: invaders shoot people right on the streets, – Gaidai

Gaidai spoke about the tetor organized by the occupiers in Kremennaya/Collage of 24 channels

Russian invaders in Kremennaya are terrorizing civilians. Local collaborators help the invaders to identify people with a pro-Ukrainian position.

Head of the Luhansk Police Department Serhiy Gaidai said this. The head of the region noted that they are now looking for confirmation of the facts of executions, but reports of terror in Kremennaya are becoming more frequent.

Men are given subpoenas

Sergei Gaidai said that the Russians persecute not only people with a pro-Ukrainian position in the city, but also those who refuse to cooperate with the occupation authorities.

The head of the OVA noted that local collaborators are well aware of some of the residents of the city who have a pro-Ukrainian position, therefore, in fact, they almost bring infidels to their homes by the hand.

Everyone knows that the Russians persecute local residents with a pro-Ukrainian position or simply refuse to cooperate with the occupiers. In Kremennaya, the terror has reached such a level that people are being shot right on the street. Local collaborators help in this, handing over the population with a pro-Ukrainian position, indicating the exact addresses, – Gaidai said.

The head of the OVA also noted that the occupiers are forcing local residents to go out to work. Usually the inhabitants of the city are threatened. At the same time, men who agreed to go to work mostly receive subpoenas for war against Ukraine instead of money.

They are also trying to involve residents of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk in the war

Earlier, Sergei Gaidai reported that the Russian invaders are trying to mobilize the civilians of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk. However, they do it in a clever way. First they offer a job. and then, instead of money, they give people subpoenas.

Gaidai stressed that the Russian invaders do not want to fight on equal terms, so they are trying to involve civilians.

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