Tesla's autopilot mistook the moon for a yellow traffic light

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Tesla's autopilot mistook the moon for a yellow traffic light

The autopilot of the Tesla electric car mistakenly recognized the moon as a yellow traffic light. One of the owners of the car, Jordan Nelson, told about this in his Twitter account.

The driver posted a video on the social network and showed how, in self-driving mode, the car confused the natural satellite of the Earth with a traffic light. The moon showed the electric car as a yellow signal, which caused Tesla to slow down.

The information display turned on to warn of approaching a traffic light with a lighted yellow signal. However, the car soon “realized” its mistake and accelerated.

Previously, the Xpeng G3 electric car caught fire while standing at the charging station. It was reported that the fire could have occurred due to a malfunction in the vehicle's battery. Several owners spoke about the Tesla fire. The Dallas suburban electric car suddenly caught fire right in front of its owner. The man heard loud metal bangs coming from under the car. He parked and got out to find the source of the noise. Suddenly, the electric car caught fire, tongues of flame bursting out of the space above the front right wheel.

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