Thank you for “paradise” and “victory”: a circus with extras was arranged for Putin in Mariupol


Thank you for

Russian propagandists report Vladimir Putin's visit to occupied Mariupol. He was allegedly brought to a rebuilt residential complex, where he “met” with local residents.

For the Russian dictator, they staged a show with extras during his “visit” to Mariupol. Propagandists gathered several people who were passed off as local residents.

Show for the Russian dictator

Videos with Mariupol residents were shown by Russian propagandists. In the footage, residents of the destroyed city allegedly say that they were left light, but still thank Putin for a “little piece of paradise” in the form of rebuilt apartments.

Putin with extras / Screenshot

What “locals” said to Putin / Screenshot

“Thank you for the victory. We are praying for you. We have waited. This is a small piece of paradise,” they told Putin.

The “Mariupol. Resistance” movement has identified some of the “heroes” of the propaganda videos. In particular, the man in the blue jacket in the video, who happily shook hands allegedly with Putin, is Aleksey Khavyar. He lived in the Kalmiussky district of the Donetsk region.

The woman who said she was “praying for Putin” is Irina Volosatova. Previously, bags with parents in the house at 77 Mira Street in Mariupol. The woman's neighbors said that she plundered several neighboring apartments.

“I was always for Russia, I was dissatisfied with everything, the Ukrainian authorities and life in Ukraine – you can see the result in this video.

Amazing video from Putin's “visit”

Russian propagandists showed an amazing video of alleged visit of dictator Vladimir Putin to occupied Mariupol, Donetsk region.

In the published footage, a man who is being passed off as Putin is seen driving a car. One is to make sure whether it is really – unreal, like the picture outside the car window. In addition, the shooting is carried out at night.

Recall that Putin's “visit” to Mariupol took place a few days after the anniversary of the Russian air strike on the drama theater.

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