That the bast “heirs” of Russia cannot forgive Ukraine


What a lapotnye &quot ;heirs" Russ cannot forgive Ukraine

Ukrainian Day of Statehood acts like a red rag on the invaders/”Evening Kyiv”

Our statehood is what they hate us for. If you ask an ordinary pig-nosed man why they hate Ukrainians so much, he will be sincerely surprised.


Roots of Russian hatred

What kind of hatred? And he will give a bunch of examples of how his friend married a “x**lyshka”, and he himself served (worked, was a neighbor) with a Ukrainian and everything was ok.

We do not cause hatred when we simply live near them, like cats or dogs. Hatred appears when we live separately.

“Square” – savoring every syllable of unusual speech, bastard chauvinists mockingly smack their lips. Our independence is a trigger that turns on the imperial in almost all Russians. Even if a person is conscious and against Putin, he will certainly ask the question: “So what? We lived together, was it really bad?”.

Badly. Because living in a foreign state is bad. Ask the Jews. And if the state is not just a foreign one, but also Russia, then once again ask the Jews how it is to live in such a state.

Ukrainian revival

Many generations of our ancestors lived their lives in Ukraine villages. Every time, as if going through customs, at the bus station in the regional center, where a strict cashier barked at them in that canine language and was annoyed that stupid villagers did not understand her. There, outside the bus station, it was no longer their country that began, but the country of Russians. Alien. Indifferent. Ruthless.

We are lucky enough to live in a time of rebirth of our nation. Expanding the scope of your country right up to the very borders. This is a fantastic feeling – pride in your people who have woken up.

Last year, he praised Zelensky for the correct date for this holiday. Albeit not historically accurate, because our statehood took place long before the baptism of Russia, but one that very powerfully attacks the Moscow myths about the bast “heirs” of Russia. This is the day of our statehood, not theirs. They baptized us, not them. We will win, not they.

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