“The absence of a tough reaction does not mean that it will not happen later”: the Russians shot down a US drone


On March 14, two Russian Su-24s shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance drone over the Black Sea. The US government has not yet taken decisive action on this Russian operation.

Political strategist Boris Tizenhausen told Channel 24 about this. He is convinced that the United States of America can move to more categorical measures later.

The Ukrainian community is concerned that the United States did not immediately sound a tough reaction to this incident. This may play into the hands of the negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during his possible visit to Russia. Thus, the Kremlin will once again be able to demonstrate the impunity of its illegal actions.

If there is no immediate reaction, this does not mean that this reaction will not be in the short term. – noted the political strategist.

Tiesenhausen suggested that the reaction from the United States could be the supply of weapons to Ukraine, which had not been mentioned before, for example, ATACMS. He is convinced that Washington has a wide range of tools on how to respond to the downing of a drone, both in the short and long term.

Important! U.S. and allied drones fly in international airspace in accordance with international laws. At the time of the downing, the MQ-9 Reaper was performing a routine operation over neutral waters.

Possible meeting between Xi and Putin

Until now, information about the visit of the Chinese leader to Russia has not been confirmed, Tizenhausen stressed. There is also information that Xi will talk via video link with Vladimir Zelensky after meeting with Putin.

The expert is convinced that Xi's likely visit to Moscow indicates that China is no longer standing apart, but is actively interfering in the unleashing of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

A long war is not beneficial for China, especially for the Chinese economy, the speaker added.

He believes that there is an element of struggle with the United States of America in the actions and statements of China. A country now struggling for global recognition simply cannot stay away from one of the global topics.

China is now positioning itself as the only possible negotiator with Russia. And this can positively play into the hands of Ukraine, the political strategist is sure. Only the single point about the non-use of nuclear weapons says that it is addressed to a specific person – Vladimir Putin.

Tiesenhausen on US drone crash: watch video

What is known about the damage to the American UAV

  • Around 7 am on March 14, over the waters of the Black Sea, a Russian Su-27 fighter crashed into an American MQ-9 UAV, causing it to fall.
  • The cost of a combat unit with a complete set is 64.2 million dollars at the time of commissioning of the device.
  • First, the Russians said that the American UAV was allegedly moving in the direction of the Russian state border, in fact it was over neutral waters. Subsequently, the Russian Defense Ministry cynically stated that the US Air Force drone itself lost altitude and collided with the water surface, and the Russian fighters supposedly had nothing to do with it.

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