The adventures of the evaders at the border: some crossed the river, while others conquered the peaks


The adventures of the evaders at the border: some crossed the river, while others conquered the peaks

During the day on March 18, the border guards of the Mukachevo detachment stopped eight conscripts on the state border. The men tried to leave the territory of Ukraine.

The Ukhilyants were caught as part of the March-2023 operational and preventive measures. All the men tried to get into Romania outside the checkpoints.

The border guards told about the adventures of the Ukhilians

Four of the detained men planned to “conquer” the highlands. They were detained by border patrols from the Yablonovka border service department:

  • Two of the border violators arrived in Transcarpathia from the Ternopil region,
  • one is from Cherkasy region,
  • one more – from Zhytomyr region.

Another four intruders were detained by servicemen of the “Tyachev” department. Three of them were detained by the border patrol around 23:00 on the banks of the Tisza River. The men were wearing wetsuits.

In addition to carefully wrapped in polyethylene change of clothes, shoes, documents and money, they had inflated car cameras with which they planned to swim across a body of water unfamiliar to them. All men arrived in Transcarpathia from other regions:

  • one is from Ternopil region,
  • one is from the Vinnytsia region,
  • one is from Odessa region.

The border guards detained 8 evaders / Photo Western Regional Directorate of the State Border Service of Ukraine-Western Border

They did not know how dangerous attempts to overcome the cold and full-flowing Tisza were.

It is worth noting that now in Transcarpathia at night the air temperature drops below zero degrees. The depth of the river reaches three meters, the width is 50 meters. During the year, 14 cases of death of men were recorded while trying to overcome the river section of the border, the border guards said.

Another resident of the Odessa region detained a border patrol on the outskirts of the village of Solotvyno. The man admitted that he arrived in Transcarpathia to illegally cross the border. He paid 2.5 thousand dollars for organizing his “journey”.

Currently, the detachment's operatives are identifying persons involved in organizing the illegal transportation of men across the border. Regarding the detainees, the border guards drew up protocols on the commission of an administrative offense by them, namely “illegal crossing or attempts to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine.” The cases have already gone to court.

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