The Air Force explained whether Ukraine will be able to shoot down S-300 missiles


The Air Force explained whether Ukraine will be able to shoot down S-300 missiles

Invaders strike peaceful Ukrainian cities with S-300 missiles. They reach the target in a few minutes, and it is not easy to detect them.

ThisChannel 24 was told by the speaker of the command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat. He noted that the speed of the S-300 rocket is over 3.5 thousand kilometers per hour, and the S-400 is more than 4 thousand kilometers per hour.

According to Ignat, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Russia periodically strikes other front-line regions with S-300 missiles. The maximum range of these missiles is up to 150 kilometers, and they reach the frontline cities.

The closer they are to the line of combat, the closer they are to the target they are trying to destroy, the more accurate the strike will be. At a greater distance, accuracy may no longer be discussed. – added a representative of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ignat is convinced that the hit on the building in the Dnieper, which led to terrible consequences, was carried out by a S-300 missile, and an anti-aircraft missile.

< p dir="ltr">The purpose of an anti-aircraft missile is to hit an air target, “sieve” with thousands of impressive elements, the speaker noted. And if it hits a point, in a small house, it can cause huge damage, including a shock wave.

S-300 detection

It is possible to detect the launch of these missiles in advance, Ignat emphasized. As well as in the version with the detection of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), when the Air Force has data on the use of MLRS in a certain area.

The enemy enters a strike position. If there is information, an air raid alert will be issued. We are talking about tens of seconds,” the speaker added.

Ignat about Russian attacks with S-300 missiles: watch the video

How to destroy S-300

According to the speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, S-300 missiles are air defense systems, and they cannot be shot down by the same missiles. That is, the means that Ukraine currently has cannot destroy these missiles in the air.

Therefore, they need to be destroyed where they are,” the military emphasized.

He noted that in order to destroy the S-300, intelligence data on their location is needed. This is already happening, Russian air defense systems are being destroyed by Ukrainian rocket artillery, including Himars and Harm anti-radar missiles.

“With Harm missiles, fighter pilots actually cover groups of attack aircraft and bombers from the air every day, which strike on the ground. And at the same time they strike at the positions of enemy air defense systems,” the speaker added.

Radars work in the S-300 and anti-radar missiles fly to this signal, Ignat explained. The reports of the General Staff contain information about the destruction of S-300 systems or radar stations.

What is known about S-300 missiles

  • On the morning of January 14, residents of Kyiv heard a series of explosions in and around the city. After that, at about 9:40, an air raid alert was announced. Due to the fact that the Russians used the S-300, they could not detect the danger in the Air Force in advance.
  • According to Yuri Ignat, the C-300 and C-400 are almost impossible to shoot down. The missile flies in the same way as a ballistic missile: along a trajectory, along an arc.
  • Military analyst Alexei Getman said that these missiles were used for anti-aircraft missile systems, but they were converted into a ballista and. In order to shoot them down, we need other anti-aircraft missile systems than those in Ukraine, such as Patriot.

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