The Air Force of Ukraine congratulated Christians on the holiday and spoke about downed enemy targets


Ukrainian Air Force congratulated Christians on the holiday and told about downed enemy targets

Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 5 enemy air targets/illustrative photo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russian invaders are trying to attack Ukrainian cities not only on the ground, but also in the air. Thanks to the skill of our defenders, many of the enemy's plans end in his losses.

Ukrainian Air Force reported on the successful liquidation of the enemy on Palm Sunday. The Russians tried to strike from the air even on such a bright day, but our defenders broke their plans.

Liquidated air targets

Our heroes in a day managed to destroy 5 air targets. In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Su-type fighter and 3 helicopters – 2 Mi-24 and Ka-52.

In addition, they managed to neutralize an enemy Orlan-10 drone. At present, the fighters of our heroes are patrolling the airspace, and attack aircraft are shelling the positions of the Russians.

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