The Air Force told how many combat aircraft Ukraine needs for defense


The Air Force told how many combat aircraft Ukraine needs for defense

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe. To protect the entire territory, we need about 200 multi-purpose aircraft to form 4-5 brigades from them.

This was told by the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Yuriy Ignat. in an exclusive interview with Channel 24 . Read more about this in our material.

Ukraine needs about 200 multipurpose aircraft

Some Western partners are ready to transfer fighter jets to Ukraine to protect their territories. While a decision is being made on what type of combat aircraft they will be able to provide.

Yuri Ignat noted that Ukraine needs about 200 multi-purpose aircraft to form 4-5 brigades. The speaker added that he had already been asked about this on one of the French TV channels.

Then the French general, who was also on the air, confirmed this number. He even added that it's still not enough.

So far we have 5 tactical aviation fighter brigades. There is also a brigade of attack aircraft, a brigade of bombers and transport brigades. Thus, on the contrary, we are reducing the number thanks to multi-purpose aircraft that will be on combat duty throughout the country, in particular at additional operational airfields. – explained Yuri Ignat.

Is Ukraine Ready to Accept Western Aviation?

  • Yuriy Ignat spoke about Ukraine's ability to receive Western aircraft. Like, there are a lot of rumors around the topic of fighters.
  • Some argue that Ukraine is not yet ready to receive combat aircraft. Others add that Ukraine does not seem to have the infrastructure to service the F-16.
  • However, it is true that our airfields already received these aircraft in 2012. According to the speaker, the runways of Ukraine are capable of receiving Western aircraft.
  • Moreover, the Ministry of Infrastructure, with the help of modern technologies, can build an asphalt concrete strip that will receive the F-16. Even ordinary roads can come to the rescue here.

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