The Air Force told why Ukraine needs F-16 aircraft


The Air Force told why Ukraine needs F-16 aircraft

U.S. F-16 combat fighters could become an important part of the Ukrainian air defense system. The Armed Forces of Ukraine explained why they are effective.

If Ukraine receives American F-16 fighters from partners, it will be able to close part of its airspace from Russian attacks. Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, spoke about this on the air of the Kyiv TV channel, Channel 24 reports.

Explanation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

He also noted that these fighters will allow to shoot down Russian missiles fired by a terrorist country on the civilian population of Ukraine.

There are aircraft on alert, and if there is a threat, they take to the skies and fly out to intercept missiles,” Ignat explained.

Ignat also noted that F-16 fighters are unlikely to be effective against missiles with a ballistic trajectory. However, the cruise missiles of the infidels “could be good targets for such aircraft.”

According to Ignat, air defense systems, unlike aircraft, protect more local objects – they create a dome over military airfields, critical infrastructure and government buildings.

Can Ukraine to receive fighters

We note that recently the Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Goukstra said that the country would consider the possibility of supplying F-16 fighters if Kyiv asked for it.

A high-ranking official noted that the government The Netherlands will consider such a request “without prejudice”. He also added that there is “no taboo” on the supply of equipment. There are fears that Russia will launch another big offensive in the coming months.

The Foreign Minister also stressed that his state sends only what Ukraine asks, and Kyiv now, first of all, needs heavy weapons, including including modern battle tanks.

Pay attention! British Sea King helicopters arrived in Ukraine on January 21st. This was announced by Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov. On his Twitter, he posted a video with the new military aid.

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