The airline began to offer customers “delivery to the moon”

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The airline began to offer customers

Australian airline Qantas has offered customers a new flight called “Take me to the moon”. The plane will not fly into space, but passengers will be able to watch the full moon right in the sky.

As indicated by the carrier on its website, ticket sales will begin on May 12. A flight in economy class will cost from 499 Australian dollars (about 29,000 rubles), in premium economy – from 899 dollars (about 52,000 rubles), in business class – from 1499 dollars (about 87,000 rubles). A cocktail party will also be arranged for business class passengers.

“Delivery to the Moon” will take place on Wednesday, May 26th. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner will take off from Sydney Airport and fly east towards the Pacific Ocean. In this case, the liner will rise to an altitude of about 13 km – usually passengers are transported at an altitude of 10 km. This will give Qantas customers a better view of the three astronomical events that will coincide that day – full moon, total lunar eclipse and supermoon. The latter means the moment of the closest approach of the Moon and the Earth. Professional astronomer Vanessa Moss will comment on what is happening in the starry sky on board.

The flight will last 2.5 hours. When the journey is complete, the plane will fly back to Sydney.

“Take me to the moon” is one of the so-called “nowhere” flights. They do not have a specific destination – passengers spend several hours in the air and then return to the airport of departure. Previously, Qantas has already organized flights over Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef, and also launched “mysterious flights into the unknown” – passengers recognized the point of arrival of the aircraft only upon landing.

Flights to nowhere are one of the airlines' ways to make money amid the coronavirus pandemic. In Russia, they began to offer them at the end of 2020. The first flight “from Moscow to Moscow” was organized by the airline “Pobeda”. According to the carrier, tickets for the first flight were then sold out in 8 minutes, for the second – in 6.

Photo: Petr Beran, CC BY-SA 4.0

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