The American missile defense system missed the test

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The American missile defense system missed the test

The website of the US Department of Defense's anti-missile agency reported that the Aegis shipborne missile defense (ABM) systems missed their target during the tests.

It is noted that the Aegis were unable to hit the target. The tests took place on May 29. These were flight tests of the system. The Aegis is designed to detect, track, engage and intercept medium-range ballistic missiles in a salvo of two Standard Missile-6 Dual IIs.

To demonstrate the operation of the missile defense system, the military made two missile salvos with “standard” weapons. However, the target could not be intercepted.

The Pentagon has already begun an audit, which will determine why there were problems during the tests. We need to find a reason that could interfere with a successful interception.

In the Aegis system, radars and weapons installed on ships are networked like the naval Internet.

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