The analyst explained whether Biden's visit to the Middle East will end with the transfer of weapons to Ukraine


Analyst explained whether Biden's visit to the Middle East will end with the transfer of weapons to Ukraine

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Joseph Biden visited Saudi Arabia. In addition to oil, Soviet weapons were discussed, which had been bought there for years. Read the article about what the President of the United States agreed to.

This is definitely not a failed visit. Although, as you know, Democrats are not very skillful about international politics and agreements are made better by Republicans. Igor Semivolos, director of the Institute for Middle East Studies, spoke about this on air on Channel 24.

He said that this visit was Biden's message that the United States does not leave the Middle East, so as not to create a void that Russia and China will enter.

Building alliances

Igor Semivolos noted that during the US President's visit, the creation of new alliances in the Middle East was discussed. Naturally, they would also be oriented against Iran, which forces the country itself to react correctly.


“If we are talking about the Arabs and their desire to give away weapons, then I do not see such a desire in them,” said Igor Semivolos.

According to him, the transfer of weapons is a transition to the side of the anti-Putin alliance. For the most part, however, most Arabs avoid such drastic steps; they prefer to remain neutral. “Based on this position, it is unlikely that we will see any transfer of weapons. Another big question is what condition they are in,” the expert added.

In addition, he emphasized that the Gulf countries voting and those who support Ukraine practically do not have Soviet weapons, because they buy American ones.

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