The Armed Forces of Ukraine explained how much time pilots need to adapt to modern Western aircraft


The Armed Forces explained how long it takes pilots to adapt to modern Western aircraft

F-16 fighters/Frame from video

Russia tried to seize Ukrainian airspace to move ahead in the war. But she did not succeed, including because of the successful actions of Ukrainian pilots. But our army needs modern aviation.

Ukraine has repeatedly turned to Western partners to provide more modern weapons. Including military aviation, thanks to which the Ukrainian aria will be able to inflict much greater losses on the Russian occupiers. We are talking about American aircraft F-15 and F-16. This information was confirmed during a press briefing by Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to Channel 24.

According to him, Ukrainian military pilots already have experience flying such aircraft.

“These are aircraft that have already been in Ukraine at the Mirgorod and Starokonstantinovka airfields. We are even talking about 2018. This is the aviation of the California National Guard. Our pilots have already flown them. These were familiarization flights in the cockpit with American pilots,” Yuriy said. . Ignatiy.

Yuriy Ignat also noted that the F-15 and F-16 aircraft are of the same generation as the MiG-29 and Su-27, which are in service with the Ukrainian army. The only difference is that subsequently American aircraft underwent a serious modernization of weapons, radars and navigation systems, which is why Soviet counterparts prevail.

Learning to fly for a Ukrainian professional pilot with combat experience is not a problem. It's a matter of weeks. And the pilots will feel great in the cockpit of American aircraft. Another language is to learn how to fight in it and use weapons. This is a more difficult process. But our pilots are ready day and night, sparing no effort, to learn at the fastest pace, – said Yuri Ignat.

Ukrainian pilots are ready to decide on the appropriate exercises both in the United States and in other NATO member countries, where there are appropriate simulators and instructors. At the same time, there are enough pilots in Ukraine so that sending some of them abroad for training would not be a significant loss for the country's defense capability. Indeed, during the war there were many who were called up from the reserve and who can still make sorties.

Important! The command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on the eve that Ukrainian military pilots are not yet studying abroad on the F-16. In addition, American bombers also do not fly over Ukraine.

Therefore, the main issue is the provision of the equipment itself.

“This will allow us to close the sky on our own. If such an aircraft appears, it will radically change the balance of power “, – said Yuriy Ignat.

As of May 7, on the 72nd day of the war, the Ukrainian military shot down 199 enemy planes. This was done both in air battles and with the help of air defense forces. Due to such significant losses, the command of the invaders decided to limit the activities of aviation in the areas of Ukrainian air defense. Consequently, the number of downed enemy aircraft has been significantly reduced.

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