The artery of the Russians was blocked, – a military expert on strikes on the Antonovsky bridge


The artery of the Russians was blocked, – military expert on the strikes on the Antonovsky bridge

Popovich about the fate of the Antonovsky bridge/Channel 24 collage

The Ukrainian military does not allow the Russians to relax on the territory of the temporarily occupied Kherson region. Due to the strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Antonovsky Bridge, the occupiers had serious problems.


Military expert Denis Popovich told Channel 24 about this. According to him, due to the damage to the bridge, the occupiers are experiencing significant logistical difficulties.

The significance of the Antonovsky bridge

According to Popovich, in general, the Russians can use 3 main crossings across the Dnieper. These are the Antonovsky bridge, the hydroelectric dam in Novaya Kakhovka and the railway bridge.

“The Antonovsky Bridge is an artery that helps to provide the occupying troops with supplies thanks to road transport,” the military expert explained.

According to him, the invaders brought ammunition and fuel and lubricants across the bridge, and took out the wounded.


If the bridge is now damaged to the point where only cars can drive, this artery is practically blocked. It is now under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Popovich emphasized.

“There is no point in destroying the bridge”

Experts note that it is necessary to destroy the Antonovsky Bridge as soon as possible in order to stop feeding enemy troops before the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Popovich, this is very difficult to do.

There's no point in destroying it. It is necessary to make it impossible to drive on it,” he stressed.

According to the military expert, a few more shelling and hits are enough so that even cars cannot drive across the bridge due to damage.

Possible fate of the bridge

Popovich added that it is not worth destroying the bridge yet because the Ukrainians will have to rebuild it after the liberation of Kherson.

After all, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively pushing the occupiers to a gesture of goodwill, that is, forcing them to leave the occupied territories of the Kherson region .

I think they (the Russians – Channel 24) will blow up the Antonovsky bridge during their retreat, the military expert suggested.

Denis Popovich told why the Russians were quiet in the east: watch the video On July 19, Ukrainian forces attacked the Antonovsky bridge across the Dnieper in Kherson. Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President's Office, said that our military destroyed an air defense position near the bridge. As well as the fortification at the building where his guards were sitting.

  • British intelligence notes that the Russian invaders are experiencing a significant problem with ammunition, because their supply lines are quite vulnerable. Among the reasons – both the damage to the Antonovsky bridge, and the fact that Ukrainian artillerymen began to deliver aimed strikes far behind enemy lines. Consequently, the occupiers were forced to move their warehouses away from the front line, which greatly complicates their delivery to the front line.
  • Deputy head of the Kherson Regional Council Yuri Sobolevsky said that if the Antonovsky bridge was blown up, the enemy could be left without a way to retreat.< /li>
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