The attack of “Russian hackers” on US government agencies was noticed almost a year later

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The attack of

The attack by “Russian hackers” on American government agencies that used the services of the IT firm SolarWinds was noticed only after almost a year – after about nine months. All this time, hackers spied on the US Treasury and other organizations, according to The Wall Street Journal.

They managed to do this thanks to a compromised software update known as Orion. The hacking also affected the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and the US State Department.

“SolarWinds currently believes that the number of customers who may have installed Orion products containing the vulnerability is less than 18,000,” the company said in a statement to Reuters.

Earlier, Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation, reported that a group of hackers, backed by a foreign government, hacked into the system of the US Treasury and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and managed to steal their data. The scale of the hacking turned out to be so serious that on Saturday, December 12, a meeting of the US National Security Council was held at the White House.

The Russian Embassy in Washington called the attempts to accuse Russia of hacker attacks groundless and stated that such attacks in the information space contradict the principles of the country's foreign policy, its national interests and understanding of how relations between states are built.

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