The balance is in serious condition after poisoning, – Ministry of Internal Affairs


The balance is in in serious condition after poisoning, – Ministry of Internal Affairs

Vladimir Saldo/rosSMI left his “position” after the poisoning. As a result of the poisoning, the traitor has to fight for his life.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that two scenarios were waiting for collaborators

First Deputy Minister of the Interior Yevgeny Yenin said that Vladimir Saldo, who had been badly poisoned, was in serious condition.

Yevgeny Yenin also noted that sooner or later two scenarios awaited all collaborators. In particular, one scenario is to receive suspicion “with all the ensuing consequences”, and the other, as Enin said, to leave the world forever.

Recently, collaborators have been leaving Ukraine. Forever and ever. For example, the Deputy Gauleiter of New Kakhovka died after being wounded. In early July, a traitor policeman was shot dead in the occupied Nova Kakhovka. Before that, there was a car explosion with two collaborators in Kherson. Saldo, a highly poisoned collaborator from the Kherson region, is in serious condition,” Enin wrote on Facebook.

What happened to Saldo

  • The former Gauleiter of the Kherson region suddenly decided to leave his “position” and went on sick leave. At first, the balance claimed that the deterioration in health was the result of a complication after suffering COVID-19.
  • But later information appeared that the collaborator had fallen into a coma. Channel 24 sources said that in this way the invaders are going to replace the Gauleiter. Sergey Eliseev became the Kremlin's new henchman.
  • Advisor to the head of the President's Office Alexei Arestovich explained that the traitor was poisoned by “stale alcohol.” It was a “hello” from the partisans. At the same time, Kremlin propagandists claim that a maid and a cook were involved in the poisoning of Saldo.

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