The Baltic States submitted proposals for the 8th package of sanctions against Russia


The Baltic countries submitted proposals for the 8th package of sanctions against Russia

The European Union is preparing to implement the 8th package of sanctions against Russia. Europe wants to increase the cost of war for Russia.

Energy, trade and SWIFT

Perhaps the most active on sanctions against The Baltic countries and Poland work in Russia. Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu announced what proposals for sanctions were submitted to the European Commission.

It is reported that the 8 package of sanctions may include energy, trade, restrictions on the SWIFT system and even more personal sanctions against individuals and legal entities.

Sanctions are still working, but they are not enough. We need to raise the price for Russia even more before the winter comes, so that this war ends faster. We also need to supply more weapons to Ukraine. Estonia provides Ukraine with the largest amount of arms aid per capita. Of course, we will be glad if other countries follow this example,” Reinsalu said.

The Estonian minister called on the EU to introduce visa restrictions for Russians. According to Reinsalu, it is morally unacceptable that Russians can travel when their country is killing Ukrainians.

“We are against genocide. But this is exactly what the Russians are doing in Ukraine now. The fact that there are no entry restrictions for citizens of the aggressor state, that they can continue to visit us on vacation, shop or circumvent sanctions, is morally unacceptable,” he said. Reinsalu.

The head of the Estonian Foreign Ministry argued the need for visa sanctions by saying that Russians can engage in espionage.

There is a war going on in Europe, and we often do not know who visits us. We may not be participants in the war, but Russia sees us as adversaries. We can become the object of espionage and sabotage. We must prevent this,” Reinsalu concluded.

Zelensky called for the adoption of the 8th package of sanctions

  • More than month. President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the EU countries to adopt the 8th package of sanctions as soon as possible.
  • The head of state stressed that Russia becomes more daring when the interval between the imposition of sanctions becomes long.
  • Let us add that that the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Matti Maasikas, recently assured that there would definitely be an 8th package of sanctions against Russia.

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