The best F-16 pilot wants to help Ukraine fight: will the US agree to this


The best F-16 pilot wants to help Ukraine fight: will the US agree to this

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton, who is considered the most “deadly” F-16 pilot, announced his readiness to defend the Ukrainian sky. This is a great initiative, but there is one “but”.

Andrey Piontkovsky, a Russian opposition politician and publicist, noted this on the air of Channel 24 . He stressed that citizens of Western countries, including the United States, are taking part in the battles in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“It's only about where he can get the F-16 aircraft. But there are great opportunities here too,” Piontkovsky said.

Who will give the F-16

According to Andrey Piontkovsky, there is already a resolution in the US Congress that obliges the United States to transfer the F-16 to Ukraine at the legislative level. But besides the United States, Ukraine also has the support of Great Britain.

“She does not restrain herself with American requests, they say, not to use these weapons for attacks on Russia. The British were the first to give tanks, missiles and the first to give aircraft. Ukrainians need modern aircraft,” the opposition politician said.

Andrei Piontkovsky on US plans for pilots: watch video

Take advantage of British aircraft

In the event of a negative scenario, pilots who are ready to join the fight can use the British tapholes, the publicist believes. Because the UK has both the F-16 and the Typhoon, on which Ukrainian pilots are already training.

This is a great initiative. If the failure of the Russians near Bakhmut, which is fantastic for us, does not work, the Wagner PKK does not leave, then the same classic offensive at the end of April-May will be decisive, and the issue of both pilots and F-16 aircraft will be promptly resolved. Andrey Piontkovsky summarized.

Recall that on March 16, Dan Hampton announced his readiness to help Ukraine. He believes that the partners will transfer the desired aircraft to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the most important thing is to find people who already have thousands of hours of flying on such fighters and do not need training. In turn, the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, noted that many people around the world support Ukraine. And with the start of a full-scale invasion, the International Legion was created, which includes volunteers from 55 countries on all continents.

F-16 for Ukraine: what is known

  • Modern fighters will be the best option for Ukraine and will be able to turn the tide of the war. Ukraine has long sought to obtain fighters, but the transfer of modern aircraft is complicated by several factors. Details about it here.
  • US bipartisan senators are pressuring the Pentagon to send F-16s to Ukraine – eight officials have written a letter to Lloyd Austin. His main goal is to convince Biden to send F-16 or similar aircraft to Kyiv.

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