The best tips and tricks for your own web shop


So that the webshop also generates sales, you have to pay attention to many details. That's what professionals advise. Claudia Weber

The best tips and tricks for your own web shop

Chocolate, television, yoga exercises: you can buy almost anything on the World Wide Web. Even more so in the wake of the pandemic.

According to a current study by the Austrian Trade Association, online sales are at a record level of eight billion euros in 2020. That is an increase in spending of seven percent compared to the previous year.

Many retailers have improved, expanded or even implemented one of their web shops due to the lockdown. “Creating a webshop is also easy, but it becomes very complex when it comes to generating sales with the online shop,” says Christian Haider, managing director of the Haicom Media advertising agency.

He notices that many retailers quickly set up a shop online, lean back and then wait for sales. “But you have to invest more than just developing a web shop.”

SEO and Co

The online advertising professional addresses online marketing, advertising, social media appearances and SEO (search engine optimization, in German: search engine optimization) so that Google ranks the page better and you can be found with its products.

“It takes up to twelve months to invest in a web shop before it generates satisfactory sales,” says Haider.

Logistics behind it

Large companies take an agency as a partner who does the web shop and online marketing for them. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often do this themselves. “The majority of SMEs can also get by with a WordPress solution, that is, simple software. Only when the goods and economic system or the logistics behind it become more complex do you need another system, a so-called Magento solution. “

Simple website

WordPress solutions and modular systems are in principle very easy to use. You enter your products online in a ready-made mask and create your webshop in individual steps.

The mistakes

Nevertheless, many fail to maintain product data, says Norbert Strappler, CEO of the digital agency Monobunt: “Many retailers describe the product too little. But the customer wants to know details about what he might want to buy. Of course, the images and texts must be of high quality. “

In his opinion, another common mistake is that many do not consider the legal framework or simply adopt existing general terms and conditions from brick-and-mortar retail for the online shop. “The right of withdrawal is often forgotten,” says Strappler and recommends buying general terms and conditions packages online.

The customer has high expectations – also online.

“The shop has to be appealing, designed specifically for the target group. It has to work quickly, be well structured and friendly to use. We are used to entering something in a field and then it has to work, otherwise we will leave the page and abort the purchase process, ”says Haider.

In short: special optical effects are out of place here. The customer is also spoiled with the payment systems. “It is no longer enough to just offer prepayment and credit cards as payment methods,” says Strappler.

In his opinion, many customers also jump off the shipping costs. “The biggest mistake is when retailers want the shipping costs in full and then add them to the product at the end of the ordering process.

That annoys many customers. It is better to include the shipping costs directly for the product or to make a mixed price calculation and offer low shipping costs of 3.50 euros and send free of charge from a certain order amount. “

A successful web shop also includes service and communication with the customer. “The customer wants his goods to be delivered within a few days. The dealer has to take care of this and he has to answer his emails promptly.

The normal retailer is not used to feedback and answering customer questions, but it is incredibly important for his references and his image, ”says Strappler.

If the webshop is online and everything is technically working properly, the next step is to become visible.

To do this, you also have to take money in hand. “We're talking about an advertising budget of 500 to 1000 euros per month, otherwise you won't be found online,” says Haider. Strappler also confirms: “The algorithm won't start working for less than 500 euros.”

The best strategy for this is to fill the texts on your own website with keywords, i.e. words that potential buyers search for in Google and, according to Strappler: “But above all, to write the texts on your own website neatly, understandably and extensively, images to name it accordingly and to optimize the speed of the shop, as well as to properly maintain the meta data.

When you link your site to various social media channels, you then switch to advertising. “Posting alone is not enough,” says Strappler.

And the advertising on Facebook and Co. must not look like advertising. “Nobody is interested in classic advertising with a product image and price.

You have to tell a story and encourage the user to participate. For example, offer a test ride for the new e-bike, ”says Haider.

In the end, it is about conveying credibility, trust and transparency. But also to get good references that can be built into your site – for other potential customers but also for Google in order to be ranked better. Strappler: “A web shop is like a stationary branch. You have to take care of it a lot. “

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