The Biden administration said that China supplied Russia with aid: what did it include


The Biden administration said that China supplied Russia with aid: what did it include

US officials have evidence that Chinese companies sold non-lethal equipment to Russia for use in Ukraine. The Biden administration expressed concern to Beijing.

One US official noted that it is not known whether the Chinese central government is aware of this assistance. Despite this, the United States has already warned about the consequences of providing material support in the war.

What assistance did China provide to Russia

Non-lethal equipment that Russia received from China, containsbody armor and helmets.The US believes that the Chinese government should take action to stop aiding the aggressor.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken will visit China in the coming weeks and will presumably discuss these non-lethal deliveries to Russia.

If the Biden administration does determine that the Chinese central government is intentionally bailing out Russia, then the administration will have to decide how strong the response will be, the report said.

Such direct material assistance from the Chinese government would also mean an obvious deepening China's self-proclaimed partnership with Moscow, which has so far looked carefully hidden.

North Korea supplied weapons to the Wagnerites

As part of its case against Wagner PMCs The US Treasury Department released a satellite image showing North Korea supplying arms to Russia.

The photo shows Russian railcars that traveled from Russia to North Korea and back in November. Most likely, this was the first delivery of infantry missiles and shells for use by the soldiers of the Wagner PMC in Ukraine.

The DPRK supplied weapons to Russia/Photo by CNN

” The supply of arms is in direct violation of the UN Security Council resolution,” Kirby stressed.

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