The body of the grandson of the founder of the Seventh Kilometer market was found on the Odessa embankment, – media


The body of the grandson of the founder of the Seventh Kilometer market was found on the Odessa embankment, – media

On the territory of one of the Odessa highways near the sea, businessman Viktor Dobryansky was found dead. It is known that the entrepreneur claimed to own the Seventh Kilometer market and was wanted for more than six months at the time of his death.

The death of Viktor Dobryansky became known on Monday, January 23, from local media reports in Odessa. He was last seen in a sauna near the beach, where he came out in his underwear.

He was the grandson of the founder of the Seventh Kilometer

As noted journalists, citing their own sources in the police, found Dobryansky, born in 1981, dead in the morning on the Highway. He was remembered by the locals for the fact that his grandfather founded the Seventh Kilometer manufactured goods market and, in fact, the businessman claimed to take over it.

The day before, the businessman was relaxing in the sauna on the beach, from where he left in his underwear. The reasons for the death of the entrepreneur are being established, – they write in the Odessa edition.

In addition, it should be said that Dobryansky has been on the wanted list since the summer of 2022 in the case of unlawful seizure of the property of the enterprise. These are articles 206, 209 and 205 of the Criminal Code of our state: on the legalization or “laundering” of property obtained by criminal means, and forgery of registration documents.

Pay attention!It is likely that Dobryansky Jr. forged a contract of sale for the Viktor D company, which owns Seventh Kilometer. At that time, his mother was the owner of the company. Some time later, the court found this document invalid.

Who controls Seventh Kilometer now

  • Let's note that businessman Vladimir Galanternik now controls the market. The media write that he appears as a suspect in the so-called “Odessa case”.
  • A couple of years agoChannel 24 wrote that this man is one of the most influential people in Odessa and controls the legendary Pryvoz, the shopping City Center and the Arcadia City recreation area.
  • In November 2021, the High Anti-Corruption Court allowed an investigation in absentia of a land theft case in Odessa involving businessman Volodymyr Galanternik. Subsequently, the businessman was arrested in absentia.
  • It is known from open sources that, as of January 2023, he is in the UK, where he is hiding from the investigation.

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