The British Prime Minister was fined for inappropriate behavior in the car (video)

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British Prime Minister fined for inappropriate behavior in a car (video)

Rishi Sunak did not fasten his seat belt in the back seat when filming a video for social networks.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was fined by the Lancashire police for not wearing his seat belt while filming a social media video in the back seat of a car

BBC reported.

The incident occurred while Sunak was in Lancashire on a working visit to northern England. In the footage, the British Prime Minister discusses the latest round of state funding for community development in the territory and records the appeal on camera from the back seat of a car, not wearing a seat belt.

The Prime Minister's press office confirmed this, noting that Sunak admitted the mistake and apologized, adding that he would pay the fine.

Passengers who are caught with their seat belts unfastened in the back seat may be fined for £100. The fine could rise to £500 if the case goes to trial.

Recall, Rishi Sunak became Britain's 57th and youngest prime minister on 25 October after Liz Truss stepped down after less than two months from the moment of her election as head of government of the country.

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