The capture of Soledar and the ineffectiveness of Western weapons: what fakes Russia has been spreading this week


The capture of Soledar and the ineffectiveness of Western weapons: what fakes Russia was spreading this week

Russians continue to spread fake news about the war in Ukraine in order to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the leadership of the state. The enemy has significantly increased the number of fakes about the situation in the Bakhmut direction.

This is stated in the weekly report of the Disinformation Countermeasures Center. Channel 24The enemy is also trying to hide the truth about the massive rocket attack on Ukraine on January 14, the main tragedy of which was the blow to the house in Dnipro. /h2>

Russians hit an apartment building with an X-22 rocket, more than 60 Ukrainians became victims of Russian terror, among them were killed and wounded. However, Russian information resources covered this event as an unsuccessful air defense operation.

The statement of adviser Alexei Arestovich added grounds for the Russians to spread this absurdity. Moreover, the CPI noted that this statement became the main evidence in the hands of the Russians to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the leadership of our state.

Important! Arestovich himself later apologized for the lie, saying that he was tired. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine thoroughly refuted Arestovich's statement: radar facilities determined the approximate launch site, altitude and flight speed. There is no doubt that it was an X-22 missile – no, it was fired from the Kursk region around 15:30 on January 14.

What do people in Russia think about “personnel changes” in the army

On January 11, Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov was appointed the new Russian commander of the war in Ukraine. The official version of the “reshuffle” is an expansion of the scope of the tasks to be solved.

However, there are several unofficial versions regarding the reasons for this “reshuffle”, that it could be either preparation for declaring a full-fledged war, or the presence of a conflict within power blocs.< /p>

Most fakes about Soledar

This week the Russians also launched a number of information operations on the situation in Soledar. Like, the Wagner PPK and the Russian military absolutely destroyed the city a month ago in positional shelling and launched offensive operations immediately after the New Year.

The Russians used all possible methods of IPSO:

  • created fake pages of military brigades allegedly located in the Bakhmut direction and spread disinformation through them. Interestingly, messages from these fake pages even made their way to CNN;
  • Russians also tried to create the image of “liberators” who rescue children from Soledar, despite the fact that the Russians have been shelling the civilian population of the city for several months in a row;
  • baseless allegations that the Ukrainian Armed Forces use chemical weapons;
  • an endless number of messages about heavy losses of personnel and a lot of fakes about the encirclement of the 46th separate air assault brigade.

Russia is lying that the western weapons are ineffective

The CPI said that the Russians were trying to promote a pro-Russian narrative about the weakness of the Ukrainian army, ineffective Western weapons.

Thus, Alexei Martynov, director of the International Institute of Russia's Newest States, said that the delay in the military actions are a multibillion-dollar business for the United States and the leadership of Ukraine.

They also attracted foreign speakers and media. In particular, the American analyst Brian Berletic, who allegedly said that the wide variety of equipment that the West sends would create additional cargo for the Ukrainian forces without any noticeable benefit.

And TV presenter Tucker Carlson on FoxNews claimed that Ukraine is losing in the war with Russia. The CPI noted thatthe purpose of the manipulation is to provoke the United States to stop deliveries of aid to Ukraine. They say it makes no sense to support a country that seems to be losing.

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