The cheapest iPhone 12 failed on sale

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The cheapest iPhone 12 failed on sale

The most affordable smartphone from the current iPhone 12 series has failed in sales. This was stated in a column on the PCMag website by journalist Sascha Segan.

Segan relied on data from research firm Wave7 Research, which collected information on iPhone 12 mini sales in the United States. According to statistics for the first month, the model turned out to be the least popular among other smartphones of the current Apple line. The cheapest device of the line had a share of about three to four percent. For comparison, the share of Apple's most popular new smartphone – iPhone 12 – was 24-33 percent, depending on the retailer.

Also, experts analyzed the behavioral factors of buyers of Apple smartphones. According to them, users more often preferred to pay extra $ 100 and buy the iPhone 12, which has a larger display. Also, the compact device lost competition to the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and the iPhone SE introduced in the spring.

The journalist also cited data from the Flurry Analytics agency. The company's analysts have found that the iPhone 12 mini was the least popular Apple smartphone in the first week since its launch in the last three years. The report says that consumers actually don't need a small-screen device as much as previously thought.

Earlier, the authors of the first reviews of the iPhone 12 mini said that the smartphone has noticeable problems with autonomy. A model with a 5.4-inch screen is estimated in Russia at least 70 thousand rubles.

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