The chief doctor of Kommunarka spoke about the likelihood of a new wave of COVID-19 in the country

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Chief Physician Kommunarka spoke about the likelihood of a new wave of COVID-19 in the country

The coronavirus pandemic continues around the world. The Minister of Health of the country spoke about the current state of affairs in Russia in early August. Mikhail Murashko said that the situation is stabilizing. However, experts say it's too early to relax. Moreover, the eyes of the WHO (World Health Organization) believes that “the world is at the beginning of a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Russian virologist Yevgeny Timakov suggested that in the fall the pandemic will remind of itself and manifest itself in an increase in the number of cases. The expert attributes this to the fact that the pace of vaccination so far does not make it possible to keep the spread of the virus under control. In addition, it is in late summer and early autumn that most Russians will return from vacations.

RIA Novosti was asked about the likelihood of a new wave of COVID-19 in Russia in the fall of Denis Protsenko, chief physician of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 40.

The head physician of the Kommunarka hospital gave an answer to this question during a visit to the LRCs of Transbaikalia:

“There are these fears. Over the past year and a half, the healthcare system has accumulated experience, including the re-profiling of hospitals … the experience of creating various diagnostic centers on the basis of polyclinics and outpatient centers, which is very widely used in Moscow. This allows us to say that we have no fear and no fear of a negative scenario, which could potentially unfold in September. “

The doctor adheres to the position that in many respects it depends on citizens (their position on vaccinations) whether a new wave of coronavirus will happen in the country or not. Protsenko noted that the state has ensured the simplicity and availability of vaccination.

By the way, the chief physician of the Kommunarka hospital told how vaccination helps against virus mutations.

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