The collapse of Russia comes from within, Putin understands this, – Piontkovsky


The collapse of Russia comes from within, Putin understands this, - Piontkovsky

Recently, the collapse of Russia into separate republics is increasingly predicted. Even dictator Vladimir Putin recently complained that the West was plotting the collapse of Russia. But this is a natural internal process of the collapse of the empire.

This opinion was expressed on Channel 24 by Russian publicist and opposition politician from the United States Andrei Piontkovsky. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are making a huge contribution to the collapse of the empire, but only because they protect their own territory, and do not think about destroying Russia.

The collapse of Russia is an internal process

Piontkovsky noted that the first disintegration of Russia began in 1916 with a great uprising in Kazakhstan against conscription into the army, when the tsarist government was defeated in the First World War. The Russian Empire collapsed in 1917.

However, the Soviet Union was formed at the same time. The Russian publicist emphasized that the formation of the USSR continued the existence of the Russian Empire .

The collapse was repeated in 1991 (the collapse of the USSR – Channel 24). Immediately after this grandiose departure of the union republics from Russia, processes began within Russia itself. First of all, it was Chechnya,” he remarked.

Andrey Piontkovsky refuted the thesis of Russian propagandists that Russia would break up into separate republics due to external interference. The oppositionist drew attention to the fact that the West is actually afraid of this collapse .

“This is a Kremlin propaganda myth that the evil enemies of Russia want to dismember it. This is a huge internal process that Putin himself understands. The Armed Forces of Ukraine make a huge contribution to this process, because they protect their territory, and do not plan the collapse of Russia,” the publicist noted.

Piontkovsky added that the collapse of Russia does not need to be conceived , because it occurs in accordance with the objective internal laws of the collapse of the empire.

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Putin announced the threat of the collapse of Russia: briefly

  • The dictator revealed information about the mythical plan of the West to divide the former USSR and Russia into castes. In Putin's vivid fantasy, the West wants to partition Russia in order to control it.
  • The war criminal also complained that such an ethnic group as the Russian people could disappear in the form in which it is today.
  • He expanded on the rhetoric that if Russia loses the war against Ukraine, then the state will cease to exist, with the result that all Russians will allegedly be enslaved.

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