The computer makes a loud noise during the game – what should I do?

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The computer makes a loud noise during the game - what should I do?

Loud Gaming PC: Causes of Noise

Modern computer games require high computing power, which means good cooling. Therefore, during gaming, the fans inside the computer spin faster than during normal operation to ensure sufficient cooling of all components. As a rule, CPU and video card coolers are the most important “noise makers”.

How to make a CPU fan quieter

If a cooler cooling the processor is to blame for the increased noise level, you can do the following:

Dust cleaning. In this article, we talked about the rules for safely cleaning desktop coolers, and here – about cleaning laptops.

Replacement of old components. Standard CPU coolers are generally very loud. Replace the fan with a quieter model. In this case, the processor does not need to be replaced if its performance suits you. When purchasing a new fan, make sure it is suitable for your platform and be sure to consider its maximum operating volume.

Thermal paste check. Make sure there is enough thermal paste between the processor and fan to ensure optimal processor cooling. How to apply thermal paste correctly, we told you here.

The video card makes too much noise during the game

If the coolers of the video card make noise during the game, then the solution to the problem will be the same as in the case of the processor. First, clean any dust from your graphics card and all fans.

Depending on the component model of the video card, you can also change the fan, but in most cases this is more difficult than the processor. If the cooler cannot be replaced, consider buying a new graphics card: for example, a model with a silent cooling system.

How to make a gaming computer nearly silent

Apart from the CPU and graphics card fans, it is worth cleaning all the other coolers installed in the PC case. In addition, installing additional case fans can keep your computer cooler while gaming. The golden rule: the larger the cooler and the slower it spins, the quieter it runs.

When installing new fans, make sure that ideally they create an airflow that draws cold air into the computer case and blows warm air out of there.

Of course, you can also use headphones with large ear cups and good noise canceling while playing. We have collected the best models for gaming in this article.

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