The computer on the Russian processor was tested at home

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The computer on the Russian processor was tested at home

Blogger Sergei Vilyanov tested a computer based on the Russian Baikal-M processor at home.

Villanov had a Thermaltake Suppressor F1 computer with 8GB of RAM, a Kingston SSD with a SATA interface, and a 400W power supply. The PC was running the domestic operating system Astra Linux (Novorossiysk) 4.11.

First, Villanov connected a gaming mouse, keyboard and monitor with Full HD resolution to the computer. The system recognized the devices normally. According to the blogger, the PC connects to the network without any problems. There were, however, problems with connecting the printer via Wi-Fi. It was possible to connect it normally only from the fifth time. There were no problems with everything else.

Villanov came to the conclusion that the speed of the Russian computer is similar to a budget office PC. He compared it to a system based on a third or fourth generation Intel Core i5. The Speedtest benchmarks showed a result of 150 Mbps, although about 500 Mbps was expected. In Octane 2.0, the results were also low – 3287 points.

The blogger advises against using this PC as a home station. A full review is available at this link.

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