The consequences for Russia of Sweden and Finland joining NATO are described

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Political scientist Bashirov called the words about Finland in NATO an attempt to create new risks for Russia

The consequences for Russia of Sweden and Finland joining NATO are described

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US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that the US is ready to discuss with Finland and Sweden the issue of their entry into NATO. The potential expansion of the bloc, according to the political strategist Marat Bashirov, is a lever of pressure in the upcoming negotiations. Military historian Boris Yulin believes that the consequences pose a threat to Russia. They told about this to “”.

Pointless negotiations

“All this is an attempt to create new risks for Russia. This is how NATO shows that it can further aggravate the situation of our country. In general, this is a common negotiating policy. The point is not what Nuland wants, but whether these countries are ready to lose their neutral status. I suppose that the discussion will be quite active, ”Bashirov said.

The political strategist called the negotiations on security guarantees with NATO meaningless. According to him, in the end, everything will depend on the decision of the United States and President Joe Biden.

These circles of senseless negotiations simply need to go through, although it will not be possible to agree on anything. As a result, everything will end with a personal conversation between Putin and Biden, and if it does not bring results, Russia will announce the transition to military-technical measures.

Marat Bashirov Political Technologist

“New threats will be created for the citizens of Europe and the United States. The countries are waiting for a comprehensive response aimed at lowering the security of these territories, ”the political strategist concluded.

Opponent's forces

Yulin believes that the ongoing potential expansion of the NATO bloc may lead to a serious military advantage in favor of Russia's opponents.

“Pay attention, we are talking about countries that have always declared their complete neutrality. And it is they who are now expressing their desire to join the military bloc, ”Yulin believes.

The bloc can only be directed against Russia – there is simply no one else to fight with. As a result, if we take not only NATO, but also all countries that have allied relations with the United States, we get 3/4 of the armed forces of the planet against our country

Boris Yulin military historian

The military expert agreed with Bashirov that negotiations with NATO are likely to fail. He drew attention to the fact that both sides have already announced their categorical disagreement with a number of fundamentally important positions for the opponent.

“Both NATO and Russia are giving each other ultimatums. We have a ban on the expansion of the alliance to the East. The United States and its allies have a situation with Crimea. And, since the parties have stated in advance that they are not ready to make concessions, it is clear that they will not be. Everything will end with military-political pressure on Russia and the threat of a conflict, ”the historian said.

Union with China

Despite the fact that a military scenario is not necessary, according to Yulin, there are no more successful, positive ways to get out of the conflict. The historian suggested that the only option for Russia is to make concessions on Ukraine, as well as to refuse the ultimatum to expand NATO.

“We will have to give in. To wage a confrontation on an equal footing, it is necessary to have the appropriate forces, including the military, ”Yulin is sure.

Potentially helping to avoid a crisis, he said, could be an alliance with China, against which the West is intensifying the trade war and exerting military pressure. With the alliance of Russia and China, the forces would become practically equal to the NATO bloc, but it is not known whether the neighboring state would take such a step.

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