The cosmonaut doubted Leonov's version of the reasons for the death of Gagarin

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The cosmonaut doubted Leonov's version of the reasons for the death of Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

Pilot-cosmonaut Boris Volynov doubted the version of cosmonaut Alexander Leonov about the reasons for the death of the first person to fly into space, Yuri Gagarin. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the last living member of the first cosmonaut corps, spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to him, the version of the first person to go into outer space, that Gagarin's plane crashed due to the careless maneuver of the Su-15 fighter, which was unauthorizedly in the area of the training flight, is implausible.

Volynov said that once on television, test pilot Stepan Mikoyan also questioned Leonov's version. So, Leonov claimed that he knew the name of the 90-year-old pilot, allegedly responsible for the plane crash with Gagarin. Mikoyan, in turn, explained that he also knew all the testers, and none of them could be near the scene of the incident. He also added that he conducted an experiment in which supersonic fighters flew around the MiG-15UTI, but this did not lead to any emergency situations.

Earlier Volynov revealed his version of the death of Yuri Gagarin. According to him, it is not possible to find out exactly what happened that day. However, the cause of the tragedy could probably be the collision of Gagarin's plane with a meteorological balloon.

Yuri Gagarin died on March 27, 1968 during a MiG-15UTI training flight in the Vladimir region. The exact cause of the incident has not been established.

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