The cost of utilities in 2022: what will increase and how much

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The cost of utilities in 2022: what will increase and how much

The cost of utilities in 2022 will increase. The authorities have already made a decision on the rise in the price of heat supply , however, at the same time, other tariffs for indicators in payments will also rise.

What will cost more and how much will the prices rise? ICTV Facts asked an expert on housing and communal services, the founder of the GOUPS, the chairman of the Kirillovskaya GO, Guy Christina Nenno.

How the cost of utilities will rise in 2022

According to the expert, electricity in 2022 will rise in price by 20-45% for household consumers and by 50-70% for business.

The cost of heating and hot water will increase from 50 to 70%, water supply and sewerage will rise in price by 20-30%.

Gas for domestic consumers will be 15-20% more expensive (almost UAH 9 per cubic meter), and for teplokommunenergo gas will cost 30-50% more than before (no more than UAH 8.5 per cubic meter), gas distribution and delivery will also rise in price & # 8212; by 40-60% (4-5 UAH).

– So electricity tariffs will grow annually by 20-25%. The first such rise in price will occur only after the end of this heating season. The main reason why the price of 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity is increasing is the need to bring this tariff to an economically viable level, explains Christina Nenno.

Until April 30, 2022, we have a fixed price approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in the amount of UAH 1.44 per 1 kWh for households consuming up to 250 kWh per month.

If more, you have to pay will already be 1.68 UAH per kWh . Until the end of 2022, it is forecasted 1.73-1.8 UAH per 1 kW/h for those consuming less than 250 kW/h, and 2.02 – 2.10 UAH – for those who consume more.

Until the end of 2023: UAH 2.08-2.25 and UAH 2.42-2.62, respectively. Until the end of 2024 – UAH 2.50-2.81 per kWh (who consumes less than 250 kWh per month) and UAH 2.90 – 3.27 for those who exceed the limit.

– The total increase in the electricity tariff for residential consumers within three years will be 20-45%, and for business – 50-75%.

For warm and hot water supply, the economically justified tariff for residential consumers is also equal to an increase of 50-70%. Since 2022, the artificial maintenance of tariffs will become impossible and everything will rise in price, & # 8212; explains the expert.

According to Christina Nenno, while people do not receive shocking payments, because there is compensation from the local budget or through the allocation of additional funds from the state budget, to cover all additional costs.

But at the same time, the expert warns that the rise in prices for services of housing offices and management companies will take place next year, approximately by 10%.

This is due to the fact that the minimum wage has increased since December 1, 2021.

& # 8212; But all decisions on the rise in tariffs are made by the National Commission for state regulation in the field of energy and utilities – reduced by NEURC, which will consider this proposal in December next year.

And if the decision to increase tariffs is made in December, the new tariffs will be in effect from January 1, 2022, and not after the end of the heating season. To date, all tariffs remain in force, according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, & # 8212; says Christina Nenno.

If residential consumers do not see in their payments an increase in tariffs for any of the utilities, they should not forget that for business, electricity and gas supply are already operating at new higher tariffs and they have already automatically received payments with updated tariffs.

The government in every possible way restrains the growth of tariffs by the method of state regulation of prices.

In November, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal assured that tariffs for gas, heat, electricity and hot water would not increase until the end of the heating season.

State company Naftogaz today offers gas to the population at a price of UAH 7.96/cubic meter. Those consumers who end up with the Supplier of Last Hope also pay the same price.

The government signed a memorandum with local government officials to keep tariffs for heat and hot water at last year's level. According to the Prime Minister, for this purpose the state gives 4% of personal income tax and 13.44% of excise tax to local budgets next year.

The electricity tariff was reduced for 80% of households to UAH 1.44 per kW h. For the rest, it remains 1.68 UAH per kWh.

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