The court in Georgia refused to release Saakashvili: Poland wants to take him to her


The court in Georgia refused to release Saakashvili: Poland wants to take him back

On Monday, February 6, a trial was held in Georgia to release the ex-president of the country for health reasons. However, by the decision of the Tbilisi City Court, Mikheil Saakashvili will remain in custody

It is noted that the trial in this case began in December last year. Investigators interrogated more than 20 doctors who observed the ex-president at the Vivamed clinic.

Foreign and Georgian doctors did not come to an agreement

It should be noted that foreign doctors acted as witnesses in Saakashvili's case, who found heavy metal poisoning, dementia and extreme exhaustion in Saakashvili.

They recommend taking Saakashvili for treatment to a specialized clinic in the United States or Europe. At the same time, Saakashvili's doctors from the Vivamed clinic believe that their patient does not have any violations of vital functions.

Moreover, representatives of the leading Georgian Dream party believe that Saakashvili feigns illness and deliberately harms his health by refusing the services of Georgian doctors and taking the minimum amount of food.

How Ukraine reacted

Head of the Servant of the People party Elena Shulyak said that the Parliament appealed to Georgia and other countries for the immediate transfer of Mikheil Saakashvili for medical treatment abroad.

Michael must survive. Not only for yourself and your family. Not only for the sake of Ukraine, which values ​​the life of every citizen. But for the sake of preserving basic democratic and universal values. And our duty is to remind Georgia, Europe and the world about this. – the report says.

In addition, the official recalled that the PACE, of which Georgia is also a member, in its resolution No. 2463 called for reconsidering the cases of political prisoners opposing aggressive Russia and releasing them, including Saakashvili.< /p>

Poland wants to take Saakashvili away for treatment

Local media report that Poland is ready to accept the former president of Georgia for treatment. In addition, Poland is collecting signatures in the EU for a corresponding appeal to the Georgian authorities.

It is known that a letter on the initiative of Poland should be sent to the Tbilisi authorities before the EU summit on Thursday, February 9. The document says that Saakashvili will not engage in public or political activities while he is in the EU during the period of treatment.

“If Mikheil Saakashvili dies, his death will cast a shadow on Georgia's relations with the European Union, the United States and NATO,” the Polish media quoted the letter.

The letter also recalls Russia's attack on Ukraine, “which is another victim Russian imperialism, as well as Georgia”.

What is known about the Saakashvili case

  • Mikheil Saakashvili secretly arrived in Georgia on September 29, 2021 . On October 1, he was detained in Tbilisi, after which he was placed in a prison in the city of Rustava, where he went on a hunger strike.
  • On November 8, without the consent of his relatives and lawyers, he was transferred from a prison in the city of Rustava to a prison hospital in Tbilisi (district Gldani).
  • On November 20, Saakashvili was transferred to a military hospital in the city of Gori, where he ended his hunger strike. On May 12 this year, Saakashvili was placed in the Vivamed civilian clinic in Tbilisi, where he is now.
  • In Georgia, the ex-president is undergoing several criminal proceedings. He considers his detention illegal, and the charges against him are falsified. Kyiv calls on Georgia to release Saakashvili for treatment in Ukraine.

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