The creation of a domestic orbital space station began in Russia

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The creation of a domestic orbital space station began in Russia

While Roscosmos and NASA are deciding what the future holds for the ISS, work has begun in Russia on the creation of a draft design for the Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS).

The Rocket and Space Corporation Energia is engaged in the project, reports TASS with reference to the general designer of the enterprise, Vladimir Solovyov. At the same time, financing of the project, according to the head of the company, will begin only in January 2022.

At the current stage, Energia's specialists are busy with the formation of technical specifications and other aspects that are directly related to the project.

It should be noted that earlier, in April 2021, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov openly stated that the ISS is not in its best condition. Because of this, Russia, he said, can start implementing a project to create its own orbital station. If everything goes according to plan, then its first module will be ready by 2025.

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