The cruiser just burned out from the inside: how the Moscow died


The cruiser just burned out from the inside: how

Death of “Moskva”/Social networks

A photo of a ship very similar to the cruiser “Moskva” was posted on Twitter after the hit and the fire.

Was there a storm?

The photo does not show any storm. But a list to the left side is visible. The hoses are still trying to put out the fire, but, apparently, the Neptune hit the area of ​​​​the radio intelligence complex with a navigation radar.

Launchers (PU) of anti-ship missiles are poorly visible, but something is burning behind them, or for the 4th launcher (inclusive).

See the black spots on the sides? This, apparently, blew out the windows during the explosion and smoke poured out – that is, from these black spots one can understand that after a series of explosions the cruiser burned out from the inside.

This is not a local fire, it burned around the entire perimeter. There are no injuries at the S-300 location, but there is smoke from the windows.

The cruiser just burned out from the inside: how the Moscow died

Another hit, or at least a very large amount of smoke in the area of ​​the Osa-M air defense system. Either it got there, or it detonated very well there.

Burn, burn brightly

In the background, a match of some kind of tug or auxiliary vessel is visible. The launchers for the S-300 are smoke-free and very clean.

You can still see how the radar cabin is burning down – that is, even in the morning it calmly burned out – there is no localization of the fire or about going under its own power to Sevastopol out of the question.

The helicopter hangar is open – did you try to save the Ka-27 helicopter?

The cruiser just burned out from the inside: how it died &quot ;Moscow"

I think that everything was decided already in the first hours and after the first detonations. The cruiser just burned out. I'll add ship plans to make it clear where they landed.

Good hit

There is also such a detail – there is an amazing deformation of the side behind the ship, I separately marked it in the photo. It is just in the place where one could observe the poor quality of the repair work on the skin of the frames – the metal was boiled, then something was repaired and welded back, but not of high quality, so the metal went ribbed.

This is very clearly visible on the left side. And where most of all the metal goes in waves, then some kind of hill is visible – apparently, the cruiser's hull was deformed from an internal explosion exactly in the place where the repairs were carried out. This topic was discussed just recently and you can see how it manifested itself.

The cruiser just burned out from the inside: how the Moscow died

Moskva Cruiser Plan

After the Neptune hit, many expect two large holes in the hull. In fact, if you watch videos and photos of ships after being hit by anti-ship missiles, then there are different types of hits. And there the warhead is only 150 kilograms. Harpoon has 225 kilograms. But it hit so precisely and in such a beautiful place that it “burned” the whole “Moscow” from the inside.

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